© Tetty‘s Photography

Sexy Lingerie for Christmas

Time to unwrap! With this sensual lingerie, you’ll be the most beautiful Christmas present under the tree.

A special occasion requires special underwear. But you can only feel at ease when everything’s right, from tip to toe. We’ll make you discover some sexy lingerie for Christmas Eve – making you irresistible for sure.

Just mind one thing: the perfect fit, nothing should be too tight or too loose. Your lingerie is perfect when it feels like a second skin. Colour-wise there’s not dictate! Subtle shades and traditional materials with lace, though, look the most elegant and sophisticated.

Do it like the pros: adapt your lingerie to your Christmas outfit! It’s the best way to prove your sense of taste and style and makes you the evening’s main attraction.

Your favourite lingerie is just a klick away:

Translation: Danielle De Bie