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Show Her your belts

A belt gives your outfit that certain something.

Belting is like gaping teeth. In the past, everything was done to hide tooth gaps – today they are proudly presented on the catwalk. The same happened to the belt that made it into the group of it-pieces.

Just a few years ago, the belt was not even perceived as part of the outfit. More precisely, he was hidden. Because who would like to admit that the new trousers do not fit properly? The belt accompanied us quietly and secretly. No one would have thought that one day the belt would become a status symbol.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am 21. Feb 2017 um 11:47 Uhr


It has come to the point where the belt is worn even though the trousers fit like a glove. The belt has become a trend accessory that has become indispensable. Belts not only sit on our hips, but also at waist level. Extra wide belts for dresses or skirts look particularly beautiful. Belts complete our look and can turn an outfit consisting only of basics into an announcement.

In order for the belt to become a fashion statement, a few things should be considered:

  • Your shirt shouldn’t be too long, or it’ll cover the belt. Tuck it in your pants to show off your belt.#
  • Choose the belt in a color that stands out from the outfit. You can also make a statement with large buckles.
  • Combine a waist belt to a wide dress – your look gets more contour and emphasizes your curves.
  • Less is more? Does not apply to belts! Wear two belts of different widths and create an exciting look.