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Soft Skills: Business Jewelry To Fall For

The most beautiful jewels to perfect your office look!

The dress codes required in some sectors may complicate the search for the perfect jewellery. Are you supposed to look competent while maintaining an individual touch? Then these jewels in light colour shades are just made for you!

Again: less is more! And the sectors make the difference. Particularly in serious professions, fashion experiments get hardly accepted. That counts as well for jewellery. Instead of wearing many different pieces at the office, you should focus on the quality of your accessories. No customer wants to sit in front of a consultant sparkling like a Christmas tree. A golden rule: never wear more than five pieces of jewellery with your business outfit – too many accessories may look overcharged and make an unsettling impression.

Therefore, jewellery follows the same guidelines as do the bags. It’s better to invest a bit more and to mind the quality of the jewels. Here, you can find our February issue’s favourites selection – ready for being shopped:

Translation: Danielle De Bie