Summer Heels to Die For

It’s gonna get real hot this summer… in fact, at your feet. It’s open shoe season again, and here we go with the most beautiful summer heels!

So? Have you already booked your pedicure? It’s about time, because this season striking shoes call the tune. The outfit can ease up though. Whether you opt for an extravagant heel, a lady-killer kitten heel or 70ies style skyscraper platform wedges, they can be everything but boring. Thus, it’s worth the investment!

Funky Heels

Dolce & Gabbana, ca. 1495€

Fendi, 695€

MR By Man Repeller, ca. 400€

Gucci, ca. 890€

Strike a pose, please! With these heels the special attention is yours for sure. A pineapple heel is designed to fit the season. Or how about a cactus?

70ties Heels

Marc Jacobs, ca. 520€


Miu Miu, 690€


Stella McCartney, ca. 825€


Gucci, ca. 690€

In spring summer 2017 we lay back and watch the trends from high above because: shoes stand on plateau heels, as far as they eye can see. Best option: the new summer plateau heels referring to the 70ies’ originals are the most authentic. Instead of combining them with oversized bell-bottoms though, you should better reach for simple outfits. These shoes speak for themselves.

Lady Heels

Loewe, 690€


Miu Miu, 750€


Paul Andrew, ca. 745€


Proenza Schouler, ca. 690€

Fans of more classical styles opt for so-called lady heels. They’re not as high and thanks to their elegant design they can easily compete with their high-heeled sisters.


Translation: Danielle De Bie