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The Blouson Brings You Through Spring

This year we’re not leaving the house without our favorite jacket.

The best thing about the warm season is that you can leave home without a jacket. So that we are not dressed too lightly, a blouson completes our spring wardrobe. Especially in April. The sun was barely wooing around the clientele with the solarium and dark clouds are already coming up. If the temperatures fall into the cellar, we are optimally equipped with a blouson. The cuffs at the sleeves protect us from cool wind and the soft lining warms our upper body. Whether it’s a colourful floral pattern or a ribbed cord structure – these light jackets bring us through spring in style.

If you are already investing in a piece of clothing, it should also be as changeable as possible. When it comes to changeability, the blouson scores. It goes with jeans and T-shirt as well as with a dress with ballerina shoes. As with any jacket, make sure that the blouson fits well on the shoulders. Large patterned blousons look best with plain trousers or skirts. The choice is huge: from the elegant satin blouson to the casual bomber jacket there is something for everyone. Grab the blouson in your favorite color and nothing can go wrong!