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The Top Winter Dresses for the Holiday Season

Christmas is right at the doorstep! What about your look for the holiday season?

While we were parading our autumn coats, came the time for Advent calendars and gifts and, in two shakes, Christmas is knocking at our door. Not only Christmas the tree should be nicely decorated – we want to doll ourselves up as well. That’s why we show you the most beautiful winter dresses for the holiday season.

Black is the declared favourite shade for festive occasions. It always looks sophisticated and flatters our figure. But the many different materials and colour shades of the season shouldn’t be neglected. What about a precious dark red, a vibrant blue or green? Just give it a try!

Back in fall, velvet was already an eyecatcher – and now, it guarantees the family’s envious glances under the tree. The soft fabric flatters your curves and especially the knee-long dresses have a stretching effect. The velvet fabric incorporates a high portion of Lycra – therefore, you won’t feel uncomfortable, even after a multi-course Christmas meal.



Our video shows a beautiful range by @Junarose! As you can see, It’s not always about the flashy dress. With the right accessories, you can easily upgrade a simple garment: glittering statement earrings, elegant pumps or a precious bag give a plain dress a touch of elegance. Lace dresses are a trend in winter too. What’s nice with these dresses: after Christmas, you can wear them at weddings or in summer – a true allrounder.

Are you a true fashionista? Then, fishnet socks in pumps are the perfect winter dress combo for you. They should not be worn with a lace dress, though, that’s over the top!

Our Tip: Many dresses are already on sale! That means that you could make super bargains. If you order the dresses today, you might get them even right on time for Christmas!

Get inspired and find your personal favourite! More dresses are waiting for you at our shop!

Translation: Danielle De Bie