© Julia Kronwitter

Today is Ugly Christmas Jumper Day

It’s getting ugly! But for a good cause!

Today, on December 15, your office-outfit is meant to stay in your wardrobe and you may grab your craziest Christmas jumper instead. Because today, severity is strictly forbidden! A while ago, we already introduced you to this winter’s cutest Christmas Jumpers, but today’s motto is: the crazier and friskier, the better!

Are you not yet convinced? Get ready! The charity organisation Save The Children has initiated the international Christmas Jumper Day which is celebrated today: as far as possible, everyone should wear a Christmas jumper and make a small donation to a good cause. Thus, why not grab your most extraordinary piece? The fancier, the better, as long as you have fun.

The cuckoo ones may adorn their jumpers with fairy lights – and be a Christmas tree on two legs. Just the presents are still missing!

If you’re still missing the jumper that suits you, you might find one among our favourites:

Translation: Danielle De Bie