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How to wear the Business Classics at the Office Today

White shirt, pencil skirt and blazer receive a make-over for the office! We introduce you to three stylings putting these business classics in a completely new light.

Athletic Chic

Sweatpants at the office? Unthinkable until quite recently! And then Vêtements stepped onto the playing field and suddenly streetwear and homewear became PC – for the everyday life and for the catwalks. Even Karl Lagerfeld (we all remember his famous quote “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”) dressed his models in luxury sweatpants for the Chanel catwalk. Since then, homewear has made its way from one’s own four walls to the streets. Olivia Palermo’s favourite, by the way, is the loose sweatpant version which she likes to wear with a white shirt and a slipover. This is how the look works at the office: with a classic white shirt – that every woman rather owns – the casual pants receive an upgrade. It can be worn loose over the waistband or casually tucked inside to visually enhance the silhouette. Sneakers are perfect for a supercool look – at the office or for the after-work drink we combine the pants with simple heels. A bomber jacket put over the shoulders and the athletic-elegant office look is ready to go.


Blazer à la Parisienne

The much vaunted French chic is characterized by the perfect combination of nonchalance and finesse. Caroline de Maigret, for example, loves to wear a blazer with jeans and t-shirt only. This might sound simple but it can have a great effect at the office. The whole outfit builds completely on one garment: the business blazer. In addition: perfectly fitted Mom jeans, a striped t-shirt, sneakers and eye-catching details in red, such as lipstick and matching nail polish. Beauty advise: today’s perfect lips should look slightly blurred, to make the lipstick look sort of venturous instead of too accurate. Intensity can be reduced by applying a lip care before the lipstick. Then, blur slightly with the fingers – et voilà, off to the office!


All along the Line – The Pencil Skirt

No one of their times has characterized the pencil skirt like Christian Dior and Coco Chanel.  Dior’s “New Look“ made the pencil skirt famous in 1947, and also Mademoiselle Chanel’s suits have become true classics. Today, these timeless classics are popular not only at evening events but also at the office. A pencil skirt highlights a woman’s curves and draws a stunning silhouette. There are a many alternatives to the classic version with shirt and blazer: a chunky knitted or oversize turtleneck provide volume and flatter the figure. The slim skirt creates an advantageous counterpart. Heeled shoes also flatter the pencil skirt and let the legs appear longer.