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Wedding-Special: The Prettiest Gowns for the Day of all Days

Which dress fits me most and, can I afford it? The search for the perfect wedding gown is a true challenge. We’ve been looking for the most beautiful pieces for each type and budget.The perfect wedding dress is every bride’s dream. Of course, since every woman wants to look fantastic on her most important day in life. But to find the right dress it’s not always easy. The choice is enormous, which does neither count for the budget nor the patience. But how to find a stunning dress that does not look cheap and which, most importantly, fits you?




Here are some tips for choosing the right wedding gown:

Stay true to your personal style

Tail or no tail? Veil, hat or no head jewellery at all? Tulle, silk or delicate lace? Pearls, yes or no? Lots and lots of questions. The most important rule: you shouldn’t feel disguised. Women who dress rather classical in everyday life would most probably feel over-dressed in a Cinderella gown.

The perfect fit

The ideal wedding gown flatters your silhouette and highlights your personality. Whether Empire, A-line, trumpet shape, mermaid, duchesse, bandeau, mini or sheath dress – the best is to adapt shapes which you know fit you well. The A-line flatters your figure for sure – with a formfitting top, a seamless waist and a slightly flared skirt. Wedding gowns with a voluminous skirt or tight lace dresses do also look sublime. If you don’t have a clue at all, grab your best friend and make an appointment at a bridal store. Professional advice is everything!

Clarify all parameters

Collect all information and consider all eventualities. Where should the wedding take place? At the beach or in the country side? Should there be a dress code or a motto? Should the celebration be formal or casual? During what time of the year would you get married?


Translation: Danielle De Bie