What’s In My Bag: 5 Musts For Any Wedding

Weddings are not a piece of cake! With these five things, you can get through them all!

Today was the wedding of the year! We’ve seen them all, haven’t we? And how beautiful was Meghan Markle????
Weddings are wonderful, often lavish celebrations with a very special atmosphere. And some of us will certainly be dancing at one or more weddings this year. To make sure you are perfectly prepared for such a day, we have selected the 5 most important things for you, which should not be missing in your handbag under any circumstances!

First of all, of course, the perfect lipstick and your favourite powder! You want to look radiant all day long and you never know who might want to kiss you!

A wedding without tears isn’t really a wedding. Whether it is the sister, the best friend, or even a distant acquaintance, with so many emotions it overcomes almost everyone at some point. Handkerchiefs are an absolute must even if you are just saving someone else’s make-up!

Next on the list are blisters, because of course you want to inaugurate your new favorite high heels on such a special occasion and prefer to dance until dawn. So, in case of an emergency and otherwise in the morning hours just take off your shoes and continue dancing barefoot.

And last but not least: condoms. At weddings there is a passionate crackling in the air and since you never know who you’ll meet at the bar at night it’s better to be prepared!

Basically, only a few small rules apply as wedding guests: Drink enough, but never too much, be polite and respectful to your family and never steal the show from the bride! Otherwise enjoy the day and have fun partying!