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Which Bikini Should I Wear?

Hello friends, it’s summer time! We’d like to show you what’s your body’s best bikini or swimsuit!No doubt about: this summer, the new bathing season is dawning with a new bikini. The new swimwear is colourful, playful and beacon of grandeur. Lightly dressed, but in perfect shape.

Talking about shape – summer came as a total surprise, of course (just like every year!), and therefore, the “beach body” is not prepared yet. Never mind! We take pride in our curves and fortunately the large variety of swimwear ensures that everyone can find the perfect bikini that either has a figure-flattering or covering effect. Our guide reveals which bikinis and swimsuits are the ones to highlight your silhouette.

For a small breast and a narrow waist

Triangle cups or bandeau tops perfectly fit women with smaller bust size. Women who want to cheat a bit by adding a little something should opt for a padded top with playful frills or lace, these details give the bikini top some volume. The choice of colour may also have a significant impact on the bikini’s appearance. Light colours and floral prints suit you best. The „Brasilian“ style is most obvious in summer 2017: exotic fruits, jungle prints and birds embellish this season’s swimwear. Push-up tops create a feminine décolleté. Please make sure you choose the right size to ensure the top fits perfectly.

Girls who want to play this year’s trend game: swimsuits in every available shape, colour and pattern look particularly beautiful on women with a small breast and waist. Cut-outs and lacing details render them even more exciting.

Beachwear for large busts

Women who are blessed with a large bust can show off this summer, big time! When choosing your swimwear, it’s important to ensure an optimum support of your breast to guarantee your décolleté looks feminine and perfectly shaped. Underwire bikini tops, which resemble to a bra, provide perfect lift and support. Tops furnished with an underbust band and a large gore provide the necessary support. These sporty styles are very popular these days. Neon coloured applications and coloured seams remind fitness bras, but their swimwear sisters are sexier by far!

Are you playing in the „less is more“-team and belong to the women who don’t particularly like their breast and rather hide it? You’ll succeed with a simple swimsuit. The nylon fabric hugs your body, and a half-round, u-shaped neckline or a Carmen-décolleté help to make your breast look smaller. Discreet and subtle colour shades have also a minimizing effect on your bust. A tankini-like top is made for you! It looks like a cropped top and flatters your figure.

Swimwear trends for belly, legs and buttocks

Your figure is characterized by wider hips and larger thighs? No reason whatsoever to feel uncomfortable in a bikini – there’s plenty of perfect fits and shapes to solve this problem. High-waisted 50ies style bottoms (not to exceed the belly button) have a shaping effect and, in less than no time, let your tummy disappear. Or try a swim skirt, inspired by its tennis skirt sisters it cuts a fine figure.

The best way, though, to turn away the attention from pretended cons is always: highlight the pros! You have a firm breast? Well, wear an eye-catching bikini top. Highlight your décolleté by wearing a necklace or a bikini in vibrant colours however, opt for a subtle bottom. You’ll be feeling fine, for sure, and can experiment with the various bikini trends.

Here come the hottest pieces:

Translation: Danielle De Bie