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Who Turned the Clock? The Thing with Time Changes.

High time for a new watch!

While our smartphones adapt to the summertime automatically, we’re busy with refresh our watch collection for summer and to discover the new trends of the season.

When the time of warm winter jackets draws to a close, and we’re rediscovering our lighter clothes like jeans and leather jackets, our much-loved accessories get the deserved attention again – under winter coats and gloves they remain unseen, unfortunately. That’s enough!

Watches are more than functional companions, they’re a real fashion statement! On top of our timeless and beautiful classics in gold, silver and rose gold, we feel particularly attracted by floral patterns and playful, filigree designs in soft shades in spring!

One reason for our excitement is, without doubt, the gorgeous Olivia Burton collection! Girly, romantic and subtle – her spring selection is perfect and makes our heart beat faster! But you’ll find even more beautiful watches, of course!

One hour less of sleep? Who cares?! Have a fun shopping:

Translation: Danielle De Bie