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XXS only? Far Wrong: Victoria Beckham
goes Plus Size Fashion

A designer piece of Victoria Beckham? That sounds impossible! Until now…

Fashion for larger sizes is still a big deal. Although the curvy trend is on course of expansion, many designers are still putting emphasis on XXS instead of XXL. Not a surprise: many fashion designers themselves are a size zero. Fashion icon Victoria Beckham is no exception. She’s one of those to pick the smallest size when shopping. That’s why the good news is all the more surprising: the mother of four has joined forces with the US fashion chain “Target” to create a collection dedicated to plus size women.



The results are beautiful yet affordable garments, available online at prices of below ten Euros. Feminine shapes, elegant and sexy – in terms of style an appeal, Victoria Beckham’s low budget collection is absolutely on a par with its small sized sisters.

With her plus size fashion-line she deliberately banks on feminine shapes. Especially fans of dresses will get their money’s worth. But culottes in vibrant colours, jumpsuits or tops with floral prints are true eyecatchers too, and inspiring women around the world.

The quicker the better: since the run on the Victoria Beckham collection has already begun. If you want to ensure getting hold of one (well, let’s face it: some!) of these beautiful pieces, you should klick here. We wish you Happy Shopping!


Translation: Danielle De Bie