Yes – New Start!


It’s all about the big picture. You’ll be working hard on your “me 2.0” – thanks to lucky planet Jupiter with much success!


Love & Flirts:

Singles: A true Aquarius lady takes everything she possibly can. You’re a single by conviction and you enjoy doing what you like – with no compromise and without considering other persons. A casual lover every once in a while is all you need. But from February to June Venus strikes with persuasive arguments having the potential to make a spontaneous encounter become much more. Like always – if you least expect something, it happens. Summer marks the big turning point. You’ll start to question the situation. In 2018, one thing is certain: in love, everything is possible.

Couples: The start of the year will be a blast! You’ll hardly get out of the bedroom until mid of March. Bedroom?! Sex can happen everywhere! Mars provides the hot spice, Venus stimulates. Short summer storms may cause trouble – but you can take it easy! This way, it never gets boring! October is the perfect month for a romantic vacation!


Friends & Fun:

You always spread a relaxed atmosphere – everybody feels at ease when you’re around. And: you’re open to new discoveries! Especially towards the end of the year, you’ll be attracted by new encounters and foreign countries – why not travelling on your own to find yourself?


Money & Finance:

Jupiter lets the money flow. Great news… you might afford some little extras! Even better: Saturn saves you from buying useless stuff. Best time for new investments: from the beginning of September to mid of October.



Weight problems? Anyone but you! Thanks to cool layering looks and sexy details, you know how to highlight your advantages to perfection.


Translation by Danielle De Bie