Happy End in Sight!


From Career Leap to Wedding Bells – 2018 has many surprises in store for you. And: nothing is impossible!


Love & Flirts:

Singles: You’re a real power woman, full of self-confidence. But this year, things may feel different than otherwise. In a positive sense, of course, because your stars promise offensive flirting! One day, we must take the luck into our own hands. And it’s paying off: it won’t take you long to end in bed with your heartthrob and to act out your feelings. Uranus will kiss awake your thirst for adventure. You just want some fun, actually, but in November this might change in two shakes – Mr Right will enter your life. A spontaneous wedding? Why not?!

Couples: Thanks to Saturn, intimacy is the magical formula of your relationship. Nevertheless, it feels as fresh and exciting as on the first day – the ideal mix. It needs some efforts to maintain this attitude, though. Be careful in October – Jupiter causes high jinks, mind an escapade!


Friends & Fun:

You’re attracting everyone’s attention and enjoy it to the max. With Uranus in your back, 2018 is the ideal year to expand your acquaintances and to make valuable future contacts. You’re full of boundless energy this year – ready to party with the girls from Monday to Sunday. Enjoy to the max!


Money & Finance:

You’re very generous until October, but you don’t have to – everyone loves you just like that! Beware of spontaneous purchases in January and in August, despite the sales season, money-wise Venus does not bode well.



The Athleisure look is so you! Even if sports are not your cup of tea, cool side-stripe jog pants look more than good on you. An elegant blouse makes it a perfect office look!


Translation by Danielle De Bie