You are the Star!


You’ll be the main attraction in 2018 – Jupiter and Pluto bed you on cloud nine, Saturn saves you from falling from grace.


Love & Flirts:

Singles: You’re radiating happiness and satisfaction – a quality that makes you irresistible for men. But heads up! Uranus lets your expectations rise sky high. And you risk, to set at naught a sweet guy, who could be perfect for you. Okay, three-quarter pants are soooooo yesterday indeed but who says, that he wouldn’t accept your style advise?

Couples: Your sweetheart is in spoiling mode, just like Venus and Mars. Love birdies alike you’ll give the model couple attracting envious glances. What counts in July: silence is silver, speech is gold. Dare to raise the sensitive topics in your relationship. No worries, it’s not unusual, the problems will be solved easily! Surprise in winter: your sweetheart has prepared for an astonishing declaration of love…


Friends & Fun:

Keeping your distance is not for you! You’ve been waiting at the end of the line for long enough. In 2018, you’ll be on the lead by having the fun of your life! Because you’re taking the zapper in such a charming way and on the weekend, you’re running up that hill with so much energy that everybody is happy to follow. Your ideas are priceless!


Money & Finance:

Until mid of May, you should stay away from spontaneous purchases and newsletters, you better block them instantly – they may corrupt you. August will be a ball, however… bargains in sight! And: you can expect many invitations – life couldn’t be any better!



Gotcha! You’re a luxury lover! While countless discounter pieces were at the top of your last year’s shopping list, this year you realize that less is more: fewer favourite pieces and higher quality for more happiness. Therefore, saving money is the first rule – towards the end of the year, the perfect designer bag will be waiting for you.


Translation by Danielle De Bie