Peak Performance!


While you’re looking for new challenges you’ll enjoy the maximum planetary support: hot flirts, one-night-stands and unknown talents – 2018 is going to be an exciting one!


Love & Flirts:

Singles: Are Capricorn women deadly serious? As if! Optimism, lightness and cheerfulness – Jupiter gets the best out of you and men will be queuing, big time! Of course, you can’t hide your ambitious self – you are who you are. Carnival marks the start of new adventures and at the drop of a hat, you’re right in the middle of a passionate love affair. The month of May brings out the iron lady in you – raising the question: does it make sense? Thanks to Venus you’ll understand in June: you were only caught by the charm of the new but actually, a spring romance isn’t your cup of tea. You’ll put a definitive end to it all and, in September, the Capricorn in you will be back for good – looking for something solid and concrete. In late fall, you’ll be fortunate and you can finally enjoy intimate togetherness.

Couples: From January to the beginning of June, the otherwise thoughtful Capricorn woman tends to knee-jerk reactions. Caution! Don’t terminate your relationship! You might regret it in fall. You must escape from the everyday life every once in a while, and that’s great because stepping out of your comfort zone keeps you moving forward. But: it can be dangerous too! You risk falling in love with another guy. Uranus sets you on fire and provokes you to go off at the deep end. Thank god, Saturn has a say as well – holding you back before the shattered remains and Venus helps you to regulate your emotions. You’re facing hard times full of conflicts but it’s worth the effort: in winter, you’ll be ready to make the next step in terms of relationship!


Friends & Fun:

In 2018, you’ll discover unknown talents – knowing well how to hit the funny bone with amusing jokes and your dry humour. The summer months bring out your nonchalance – you’ll be the personified joy of living infecting your fellows with your irresistible laughter.


Money & Finance:

Until May, unforeseen investments may be a drain on your pocket. A run of good luck thanks to Mercure helps you to be on the chip again. By the way: perfect timing to ask for a raise!



Fashion-wise you’re on top of things! You always know how to dress. You don’t need to run behind new trends. Stay true to your personal style!


Translation by Danielle De Bie