Darling of  Fortune!


Men are at your feet; your family is your tower of strength and apropos of nothing you’ll become the best version of yourself.


Love & Flirts:

Singles: Are you wearing a crown? The sun lets you look like a real princess of dreams even without – admirers are queuing! As a Leo, you know best how to enjoy yourself. You take every opportunity to make proof of your talent in terms of conquest and sensuality. In June, you can pick from an embarrassment of riches – and turn even brain heads of those who are engaged. Thanks to Saturn you’re fair and know how far you can go.

Couples: To you, love is fun, faith and romance. And that’s what your partner has in store this year to intensify your commitment. From May to end of October, Venus sends you on an erotic flight of fancy. You’re the impersonated seductress who makes your prince charming dream of making plans for the future.


Friends & Fun:

The favourable constellations assist you in solving any conflicts until August. No one can be cross with you for long anyway! Thanks to your warm-heartedness you can enjoy much sympathy from everywhere, and you’re the uncontested leader of your girl’s gang. No surprise! People like to follow someone like you!


Money & Finance:

Respect! You hold the purse strings this year. If you want something badly, you treat yourself – but only if your finances permit it. Otherwise, Saturn facilitates to renounce to something. Minimalism is the current trend anyway.



The sun seems to shine right out of you – in the sense of the word: you will discover yellow for yourself because it lets your texture shine. In the right combination with green or purple elements, it looks very classy and expensive.


Translation by Danielle De Bie