Take a Deep Breath!


Between lucky moments, the sex of your life and many encounters, you’ll take what you need: precious time for yourself!


Love & Flirts:

Singles: Dating has never been your cup of tea – you’ve been tumbling head over heels from one relationship to the next. And got a raw deal at times. High time to treat yourself to what you deserve: fantastic sex – without any engagement. You simply enjoy flirting without throwing your cap over the mill. Even if a spontaneous fascination flashes through your mind – it’s worth to quickly check the costs of an express wedding in Las Vegas. But then, fortunately, your clear mind takes over again and reminds you to await the further development. You’ll know it in fall!

Couples: You can look forward to 2018! After countless separations among your friends you know to appreciate your relationship – and you want to show it to your sweetheart. Thanks to the favourable constellation of Venus, Mars and Uranus you’ll find yourself falling in love again with your prince charming and enjoy togetherness. But caution! In fall, you better step back. Your euphoria is overwhelming – your other half might need some space. The perfect opportunity for a girls’ trip! And after that, the joy of being reunited will be twice as big!


Friends & Fun:

Your motto of the year: together you’re less alone! You’ll be spending much time with friends and prove your good eye for interpersonal relations. That makes you the perfect matchmaker sometimes – time and again you’re bringing two lost souls together.


Money & Finance:

From February to May you have to be quick – you’ll be overwhelmed with the best offers of your life. July favours larger acquisitions – but no high jinks, please! From September, you better have an eye on your finances and pursue a saving policy. Your purse will reward you!



Support your local dealers! It’s nice that you’ve been buying at your local boutique to date. But this year, you’ll discover the many more possibilities of online shopping. The choice is huge – and already in summer, you’ll find the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve or for your best friend’s birthday or wedding.


Translation by Danielle De Bie