Calm Route to Success!


In 2018, you’ll take it easy – but with a vision. Thanks to your sangfroid, you’ll achieve everything you ever wanted!


Love & Flirts:

Singles: Neptune awakens the gentle side you’ve kept a secret. So far, you were just too proud to show your weak and fragile self. But not this year – and that’s fair enough! Men will unveil their protective instinct – a clever conquering strategy that may take slightly longer, but: be patient – a man who bites stays forever!

Couples: In 2018, you’ll enjoy cozyness and togetherness. Romantic hours on the couch, extensive sex and good food – these are the things that mean happiness to you this year. Spring is about excitement – terms like “pet”, “moving together” and even “baby” may pop up in your conversations. A clear sign, that it’s getting serious! In fall, your relationship gets a fresh impetus – you’re testing new clubs and flirting methods. The endorphins released will help you to survive some winter quarrelling.


Friends & Fun:

In 2018, you’ll be enjoying cosy red wine-evenings and Netflix binge-watching rather than tiring adventures. But that’s good for you: you have finally the chance to recover from the last months’ stress. And you realize that a good conversation is more valuable than many new encounters. Better surround yourself with few people – you only need those who you can count on.


Money & Finance:

The last year’s loss on your bank account can be easily compensated until April: bonus, additional revenues and some small profits… this year, the streets are literally paved with gold, and it’s just waiting for you! But be careful, don’t spend it right away! Your bank account will be thankful!



Plain Jane was yesterday! The planetary motions are favourable and support you in finding the perfect look. Admit that you’d never thought that fishnets under jeans or bondage elements on your bra could be part of it!


Translation by Danielle De Bie