Taking up the Challenge!


This year, you finally throw all doubts overboard – you know yourself better than anyone else, and you are prepared to face the test of life.


Love & Flirts:

Singles: Men will be surprised – in 2018 you won’t miss out on anything, you’re into flirting and beyond. Any regrets right after? No way! It’s not for nothing that you are a single who may enjoy life to the fullest. Thanks to Pluto you’ll be questioning your courage in May and tend to return to the known cool distance. But then HE is showing up, your kryptonite man and you’ll pin everything on one chance! Why struggle, when he can decide for good!

Couples: In January, it’s getting tense. You pull him to pieces, impossible to please you in whatever way! Come down – even Mr Right must not be perfect. From May, you’ll score with coolness, and your prince charming will be thankful. You can clear up the misunderstandings – and that pulls you together. By fall, you’ll only be available as team double trouble.


Friends & Fun:

What set your teeth on edge in the past has hardly got a stitch on in 2018. Thanks to Uranus’ favourable position you’ll manage short-term cancellations and bare-faced lies without batting an eye. You know your value and prefer spending time with people who boot you and put a smile on your face.


Money & Finance:

From June, Mercury boosts your cleverness when it comes to detecting the best price. You’re improving! And therefore, you’re unbeatable, you’re feeling secure and superior – qualities that you can apply in your professional life, by the way.



Dress for less! This year’s best finds come from the flea market – not only your inner vintage heart will be rewarded, the environment will be thankful too. Consumption can be sustainable.


Translation by Danielle De Bie