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10 Reasons Why we can’t Wait for Fall

Whoop, whoop, autumn is knocking at our door – with pockets full of sun, we hope, because this is exactly what we need after a rainy summer.

Charging the batteries is the motto of the day because winter is on its way here. And you know what: autumn can be a lot of fun – if you do it right. Why are we so much looking forward to this season and what’s so special about it? Here you’ll find 10 reasons why we’re in love with fall.

1. Treat them with Cake




Apples, prunes and pumpkins… time to feast as much as you like and to savour to your heart’s content. The home-made cake is the best, sure, but a piece of your favourite “patissier” will do as well. Top with some whipped cream (cinnamon cream is even better) and a ball of ice-cream – ready, set… enjoy the perfect autumn dessert!


2. Wellness Break



A hot tub after a long working day? Sure, it works in summer but, somehow it does much better in autumn. Especially if you take a lot of time to enjoy your personal wellness break – that’s a must!  Essential ingredients: facial mask, a sweet-smelling bath essence, your favourite music and the stress of the day falls off in the twinkling of an eye. For the pros: visit a Spa or spoil yourself with a wellness weekend. – total relaxation couldn’t be any easier.


3. Autumn Walks in the Forest



Simply getting away for a while, indulge in the sound of silence and enjoy the colours of autumn leaves, sounds good, does it? Grab your sweetheart or your best friend and don’t forget your camera or smartphone – the blaze of colours has everything for great photos. And after the photo session? We’d have a good idea for you…


4. Pumpkin Spice… Everything!



Whether in a cake, a drink or as a fragrance: pumpkin has its high season.

A true classic: Pumpkin Spiced Latte aka PSL. The iconic drink has made it across the pond meanwhile. Where to enjoy it? At Starbucks, of course. But you could easily make your PSL at home, whether by buying the syrup or by making your home-made version. Get the recipe here.


5. No longer Soupy-Kaspars



Soup warms from within, satisfies our appetite and is just yummy. And easy to prepare. A delicious vegetable soup, a hearty stew or the legendary pumpkin soup: Permissible is what likes and what tastes good. And with the temperatures sinking we give up our inner Soupy-Kaspar, don’t we?


6. Desperately Seeking… New Boots!



Ladies, let’s face it, there ain’t no better excuse! The cute summer sandals must disappear in the closet to make room for new shoes. Ankle or over-the-knee boots, western styles (maybe not the red ones of HIMYM!) – your trusted shoe store is looking forward to welcoming you and to showing you the season’s favourites. And if someone will be asking… you desperately need them to overcome fall. Any more questions?


7. Bright Spots of Colour



Black is a timeless classic which never goes out of style. But why not do like the autumn leaves do? Colour shades of red, green, brown and yellow are beautiful, hip and flattering. Various nuances are welcome. Try a vibrant brick red or an elegant mustard yellow… you go, girl, the time is right!

8. Time for a Marathon … on TV!



Cosy, set, enjoy! Finally, we’re allowed to watch TV without feeling guilty – all day, if we feel like it. Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co. we can pick from an embarrassment of riches. Tear-jerkers, horror movies, old classics and TV series – once you’re cosy on your couch you will never ever get up anymore. Some popcorn and hot chocolate and… you’re ready for a lazy autumn afternoon.


9. More MakeUp, please!



A perfect lid line, some blush on the cheeks and a juicy berry coloured lipstick – in terms of makeup, a bit of more is allowed in autumn. Even extremely tinted eyelashes are more than welcome – hats, bonnets, beanies & co. are sexy and provide the ideal framework for a perfect face. Just give it a try.


10. Happy Halloween



Some love to masquerade as a creepy monster, some just look forward to taking another identity. Halloween has become an institution in Germany too. At private parties, public events and even at zombie marches through German cities – everyone is taken by the Halloween fever. And we’re also into the scariest day of the year.

Translation: Danielle De Bie