3 Curvy Power Women You should Know

Real women have curves! Therefore, we’d like to introduce you to three of them today.
They are inspiring, powerful and just “real”. This is the reason why you could learn of these well-known Curvies since they have learned to love their bodies, just like many other would wish. Enough arguments to become more familiar with these three and to sneak peek some of their self-confidence tricks.

1. The world’s most successful plus size model



No one is taking-off in today’s curvy model business like Ashley Graham: Marina Rinaldi, Michael Kors, H&M, Forever21, Sephora are just a few of the model’s clients. Plus: numerous editorials in world-famous magazines and two cover shootings for American and British Vogue. The 29-year old wears a size 44, she loves her curves meanwhile and makes good money with them. This has not always been the case. In many interviews the power woman stated how uncomfortable she felt in her body during high school and, that she took much criticism. The more the curvy business grows, the more Ashley Graham enjoys popularity. This encourages her, to motivate young women to also not care about other people’s opinion. Because the “me” matters: if you’re in harmony with yourself, your aura will spark off. It was only in the beginning of May that star photographer Mario Sorrenti shot the curvy beauty for the cover of “V Magazine” – naked, unretouched and real. We love much!


2. Barbie Ferreira: „I do not apologize for myself, regardless of what others may think of me“



Barbie Ferreira is only 20 years old and did already international lingerie campaigns. Watching her Instagram account reveals instantly how cool the curvy model is. Barbie Ferreira doesn’t take herself too seriously, she enjoys the time being a young adult and model. And this is exactly what we can learn from her: don’t let others’ criticism about the one or the other dimple at your buttock limit yourself, just live! The model, by the way, does not consider herself a plus size model, but a young woman whose body is just normal. On Twitter, she wrote: “The distorted body perception makes people think that I’m ill and overweight.” With a size 42/44, Barbie Ferreira is one of many – a large part of our society wears exactly this size. And the young model proves how beautiful it can be to perceive this “normal” as a norm in glossy advertising campaigns.


3. „Love your body“-Movement




Tara Lynn is without doubt one of the „Love your body“-movement’s leading voices. The American embodies sensuality like no other. Full lips, rosy cheeks, feminine curves and firm skin. It’s not surprising that she is particularly booked for swim wear and lingerie shootings. But H&M, Mango and Forever21 discovered the plus size model too. Besides this, the top model is a wife and a mother, she also speaks French and Spanish and if her job in the fashion sector permits, she likes to read, paint and write. This keeps her feet on the ground because, according to Tara Lynn it should not be all about beauty. In an interview with “Elle”, Tara Lynn admit by the way, that while in college she admired Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez for their self-confidence. They both helped her to believe in herself.


Translation: Danielle De Bie