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5 Movements, The Curvys Do Not Want To Hear More

No, that wasn’t a compliment – these 5 sentences seem to be supposed compliments, but they’re not. That’s why we don’t want to hear it any more!

There are people who pack every sentence as a compliment. But if you think about it in more detail, the supposed appreciation becomes a subliminal side blow that strikes deeply. Especially as a curvaceous woman you often hear slogans that are anything but friendly. Sometimes you throw them at us rather unconsciously, sometimes they are used quite purposefully. We just don’t want to hear those sentences anymore…


The dress conceals great

Dresses are a great invention. They gently caress the curves, setting the perfect scene for femininity. Especially in summer, clothes are ideal to get through the day airily. Yes, they may also hide possible problem zones. But we wear clothes because we want to, not because they’re hiding something. Period!


You’d look great in a dirndl


In Bavaria, a dirndl belongs in every wardrobe – and it doesn’t matter whether the wearer wears size XS or XL. Clearly, the costume looks particularly good in front of the huts with lots of wood. But to reduce Curvys to the fact that they only look great in dirndls? You’re already a poor (white) sausage.


You have such a beautiful face

At first, that sentence sounds like a compliment. If there were not the little word “but” that resonates. What does the face have to do with the figure? We probably don’t have to understand. Fine, if you want to compliment us on our face. But please don’t say it like it’s the only good thing about our body.


At least you have big breasts.

Same game as face commentary. A large bust is a curse or a blessing for many curvys – and has nothing to do with a compliment at all. Especially if the sentence is quoted with an “at least”. A filled out C/D/E-Cup is a nice thing. But please don’t just reduce us to that.


You’re brave.

No, we are not brave just because we wear our belly free, dare to go to the beach in a bikini or are out in public in hot temperatures with bare arms and legs. Slender