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5 Signs that you Desperately need a Vacation

Packing the bags, escaping from everyday life and… off to the next adventure! How do you recognize that you need to get away from it all?

You’re sitting on the train, on the way to work, scrolling through Instagram. One holiday photo after the other popping up, right in your face. Summer time is holiday time. A city trip, sunbathing on the beach or a wilderness safari? Imagination knows no boundaries. But how would you know that you desperately need a break? These five indications prove that you need a vacation!


1. Sweet dreams are (not) made of these

Some sleep sweet like a baby, others toss and turn, night after night. To fall asleep is not the easiest thing to do. If you feel threatened over a longer period of time, or if you have problems of falling asleep it’s time to stamp on the breaks. Insomnia is an initial indicator of burn-out. And nobody would want that!


2. Big ass headache

Your brain is in operation mode, all day. Not surprising, that it needs to rest every now and then. If that’s not feasible, or if you’re constantly bombarded with too much information, a headache is not far. Stress is bad for you; and for your brain. The best remedy? Slow down and switch off!


3. To hell… with the much-loved colleagues

Sarcasm and irony belong to many people’s everyday life. When all of a sudden, you become extremely cynical towards colleagues and work, it’s time to call a halt before it’s too late. The feeling of emotional exhaustion and to make a mountain out of a molehill is not healthy, at all. Our advice: wave goodbye to your desk, and say hello to holiday pleasures!


4. Appetite for more

Sweet or salty?  I don’t give a damn… yummie! While some are plagued by a craving for food, others have a feast to escape stress. The body releases hormones which either reduce or increase the appetite for more. Come rain or shine: the obvious change of your eating habits is a clear sign for the compelling need of a vacation.


5. Hello to the island

Daydreaming is nice. But as soon as it takes fifty percent of your day, you should seriously think about a change. Why only dream about the island? How about to start making concrete plans for your next holiday? After all, anticipation is half the fun!

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