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5 Things Curvy Women Wont’t Want to Hear

Nope, it was not a compliment – these 5 sentences seem like alleged compliments, but far from there. And this is exactly why we do not want to hear them anymore!

There are people who sell every sentence as a compliment. As soon as you take a closer look at it, the alleged appreciation reveals its true nature and transforms into the hidden allusion striking you in the very heart. Sometimes, they’re expressed unconsciously but… sometimes they have a clear purpose. Stop! We’re tired to hear these sentences!


The dress is so concealing

Dresses are a great invention. They gently flatter your curves and highlight your femininity to best advantage. Especially in summer, dresses are best companions to get you light and airy through the day. Yes, they may hide some wobbly bits. But we wear dresses, just because we want to and not just because we need to hide whatsoever. Period!


A „Dirndl“ would look great on you

In Bavaria, a „Dirndl“ is a wardrobe’s must – no matter, whether the lady who’s supposed to wear it is a XS or XL size. Without doubt the traditional dress looks particularly well on well-stacked women. But: make curvies believe they only look good in a “Dirndl”? You don’t get a sausage!


But you’ve got suuuuccch a beautiful face

The sentence sounds like a compliment at first. If there wouldn’t be this little word… but. Come on, what has my face got to do with my figure? Most probably we’re not meant to understand this. Flattering, if you feel like making a compliment about our face. But don’t say it like our face is the only nice feature of our body.


At least, you’ve got large breasts

Same story as for the face comment. Large breasts are both blessing and a curse for curvies – and have nothing of a compliment. Especially when the sentence begins with “at least”. Of course, a C, D or E cup might be nice. But please, don’t limit us to that.


You’re really brave

Yes, we’re wearing a belly top, we’re lying on the beach in a bikini and we’re showing our naked legs and arms in public when it’s hot but… it has nothing to do with being brave. Slim women would never be at the mercy of such comments. Why thus would curvy stars do?

English Translation: Danielle De Bie