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5 Tips Against the Winter Blues

Bad temper has not a cat in hell’s chance! 5 tips against the winter blues.

Some can’t wait for winter while others try to get over it somehow. When the days get shorter and the nights get longer, many people fall into the winter blues. But not this year! At least, if you follow our five tips! With a few tricks, knacks and ideas winter will leave you cold this year.


1. Embrace the Cold Outside!


According to studies, the best is to go for a walk within the two hours after your wakeup call – although many have difficulties in leaving the house and go outside in the cold. But cold air is the best remedy to cope with the winter blues. Get in your cosy coat, wear your warming gloves and put on a cute beanie and off you go! Take a deep breath because the icy cold winter breeze stimulates the oxygen production. And what could be better than warming up with a hot chocolate or coffee afterwards.


2. Scent the Happiness


On every corner, you can smell the beautiful scent of cookies, roasted almonds and other treats in winter. It recalls memories – of happy childhood days and great moments with your beloved ones. And these are the ones that steal the march to the winter blues. If you want to play it safe but haven’t got the time to spend a day in the kitchen by baking cookies, you can opt for the sensual scent of “Candle Dream“. And as soon as your home smells like vanilla, cookie dough, gingerbread & co. the bad mood hasn’t a cat in hell’s chance.



3. Comfy Soul Food


In winter, sumptuous meals are somewhat welcome. It’s the high season of rich hearty stews, tasty roasts and pasta enough and to spare. Why not having pancakes for breakfast and gingerbread for coffee? An exceedingly few count calories during the cold months. Hardly surprising: good food is soul soothing. Especially in times when cold and darkness make us feel uncomfortable. There’s only one remedy: warmth from the inside.



4. Plan your next Holiday


Sometimes it helps to seek far afield or to plan great adventures – such as your next holiday with your family or your best friends. Only the idea of the warming sun on recalls memories and puts a smile on your face. After all, anticipation is half the fun. And planning your next trip to warmer climes is twice as pleasant during the cold winter months. And whether you browse catalogues or the internet to find the best offer: the next holiday is as sure as death and taxes.



5. Light up your Life


Darkness does not help you in coping with the winter blues. Therefore, go for light – as often and as much as you can. You could, for instance, re-decorate your home with lighter accessories for more light moments. Light coloured curtains, for example, cute decorations in beige or cream shades. Or, if you’re prepared to invest, you could buy a daylight lamp. 20 to 30 minutes a day are just enough to start the successful battle against depression.

Translation: Danielle De Bie