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7 Tips for Loving Oneself

Loving oneself is the be-all and end-all! We show you how to get there!

The relationship with yourself is the most important! To learn love oneself is not a that difficult, you only must set your mind and then learn. The journey is the reward. I’m sure you’ll make it! I’m pointing up seven tips helping you to get there:


1. Gift Yourself A Smile Each Day

The easiest lesson might feel strange at first: look in the mirror and smile at you. A smile always spreads good temper and friendliness and has the power to open many doors. Thus, a day that starts with a smile starts cheerfully at the same time.


2. Accept Your Oddities

Accept yourself as you are. You’re one-of-a-kind in this world. You’re unique and have rough edges like everyone else. Learn to accept your bad habits too. Do not only embrace them but cherish these attributes and give them more attention and love. You shouldn’t hate or dislike anything about you. Otherwise, the thing of unconditional love and total happiness might become a problem.


3. Applaud Yourself

If we fail, we’re often very hard on ourselves. The critic inside us tends to moralize and grins: “I told you, you can’t do it”. Frustration and despair are the results. Don’t allow him to bar you from doing new things and to follow your dreams. If something turned out particularly well, we don’t appreciate it enough. Be patient, believe in yourself, and if you succeeded in something, applaud yourself (if not literally, do it in the figurative sense) or say to yourself how proud you are about you. Encourage yourself to carry on and reward yourself.


4. Care About Yourself

Taking care of your health and your body is a sign of self-appreciation. In a healthy body stays a healthy mind. A healthy diet, regular workouts and a spa visit to relax once in a while are also proof of deep self-love. Treating your body with high-quality beauty products occasionally means extra love and attention too – light some candles and listen to your favourite music and let yourself go. In these moments you get some closer to yourself. Focus on your breath and try to come to rest.


5. Learn To Say No

Especially women tend to be available for everyone at all times and to do too much for others. A large family, friends, colleagues, partner, kids etc. Learn to listen to yourself and to feel if you want to do something or if it’s too much and you need time for yourself.


6. Take Things As They Are

The truth can be painful, but it doesn’t pay to look the other way. Learn to be self-reflected. Unfortunately, you can’t keep on saying “it has ever been this way”. Things don’t last a lifetime, they change just like people do. Although you once thought you became a superstar, lived in a villa or had the perfect family at the age of twenty-five, the reality is subject to change, despite you told everybody. Learn, to accept the things as they are. Let people, who no longer fit in your life, go, even if it’s painful. New doors will open up, make room for new contacts because you also change with the time. Let go! Keep your heart and your eyes open to welcome the new. Your intuition will show you the right road, thus, trust yourself.


7. Do What Makes You Happy

A pick-nick outside in winter? Dance in the subway? Climb other people’s roofs at night? Stay awake until dawn? You know best how to make you happy. Try every week to fulfil your desires. Go to the cinema and watch the movie nobody wanted to watch with you so far, whatever it is, just do it! Be free, be good to you and allow yourself all you need. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

You’ll see, that you every day you will be happier. You’ll see yourself in the mirror smiling at you because you’re fine. Just for the reason that you love and appreciate yourself.

Translation: Danielle De Bie