Advent Calendar Crafting – Cool DIY Ideas

Do it yourself instead of buying! 5 great advent calendars.

Advent calendars are trendier than ever. There’s the classic chocolate version, the one with toys and even beauty junkies can find their happiness. Sale starts already in September. But nothing compares to a homemade advent calendar. ‘Cause what could be nicer than treating your beloved ones with individual surprises that sweeten the time until Christmas Eve.

Advent calendars made of bags or pouches have a traditional character. One who can handle a sewing machine could make small cloth bags and decorate them with numbers. Sandwich bags that are available in any supermarket make it even easier. Just fill the bags, number them and close them with a clothespeg (also available at the supermarket) for example. And there’s the simplest type of DIY advent calendar.

These 5 DIY ideas are for everyone who has a preference for the sophisticated and creative. And these advent calendars are ready in two shakes. Even without manual skills. Promised!


Not only for Coffee Junkies



How about an advent calendar made of coffee mugs? You can buy them on the internet at decent prices for example and paint them with festive motives. And now, just fill them with treats or small gifts. Lid on, number on and… Bob’s your uncle!



Have you lost your Glasses?



The advent calendar made of lovely glasses is also dead easy and a real eyecatcher. What you need: 24 screw-cap glasses, spray paint and some clever ideas for the filling. Now, paint the glasses as well as the lids in your desired colour (better go outside to avoid a big mess!) and fill them once they have dried. Last but not least make numbered hangers of paper and thread and tie these around the glasses.



Funny Eyecatcher for Lazybones



Everyone knows the problem: After the laundry, one sock is always missing – but what about the other? Ha, we have the perfect idea for you! Instead of scrubbing it, start a collection and use it for a simple yet innovative advent calendar idea. But of course, new socks are an option too. They count as an extra present. Fill the socks with knickknacks, close with a clothespeg, decorate with a fir branch or a mini Christmas ball if you like – et voilà, there’s the sock advent calendar. A fun eyecatcher for everyone who’s not keen on crafting or who’s just late.


Boxing Fun



This lovely advent calendar is so beautiful that it could become a permanent decoration. What you need: Either cardboard, to make the boxes – or you keep it simple and just buy 24 small boxes (available at Tedi, Woolworth etc. for example). Then, stick them together or arrange them as a square, number and fill them. A cute idea when you’re in a hurry.


Give Away Time



It doesn’t have to be chocolate & co. This advent calendar is very personal and gets by with no frills yet makes the eyes shine brightly. What you need: Paper, clothespegs and something sweet perhaps. And now, think about 24 things which could please the donee. It could be some moments to share (like brunching or going to the cinema together) or a few nice words that you wanted to say for a long time. Let your creative mind wander…

Translation: Danielle De Bie