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All You Need Is Ice Cream

From anise to zabaglione – the craziest ice cream in your city.

Summer, sun, ice cream. When I was on holiday with my parents when I was a child, they used to say, “One ice cream a day.” While this regulation used to cause a great deal of protest, I am now happy to incorporate it into my everyday life. What a luxury – an ice cream a day! Because of all the appointments and obligations we often lack the time to enjoy the little things and make a stop at our favourite ice cream parlour. This summer I plan to go out for ice cream as often as possible. After all, there are so many varieties to try! From soft violet olive ice cream to rose and hibiscus, everything is included.

We’ve picked out the ice cream parlours with the wickedest ice cream varieties for you:



  • Ballabeni: Anyone who has always wanted to try lavender ice cream or rose hibiscus should pay a visit to the shop in the centre of Munich. Theresienstrasse 46, 80333 Munich, Germany
  • Eis Wilhelm: From the Eisburger to the raspberry dust – there is nothing here that does not exist. Lenbachplatz 7, 80333 Munich


  • Bizziice: In the city on the Main, carrot-ginger, coconut chia and co. are waiting to be tasted by you. Wallstrasse 26, 60594 Frankfurt and Koselstrasse 42, 60318 Frankfurt
  • Kokoxo: You have to try the lime sorbet with sesame and plums! Walther von Cronberg Square 8, 60594 Frankfurt Germany


  • Delzepich ice cream: In the full bar you can discover the sorts milk cuts, mascarpone blueberries, caramel walnut and many more. Winterhuder way 67 22085 Hamburg, Germany
  • Luicella’s: Just for the tasting spoon alone, it’s worth coming here. You can choose between buttermilk lime, vanilla royal and matcha mint. Long row 113, 20099 Hamburg


  • Hokey Pokey: It’s worth queuing! Cinnamon-lemon, plum-butter-caramel and blood-orange-marzipan are waiting for you. Stargarder Str. 73, 10437 Berlin, Germany
  • Rosa Canina: Salty caramel, chocolate-nutmeg cardamom or rather NY cheesecake? In the organic ice cream parlour you are spoilt for choice. Railway route 42, 10997 Berlin