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Another Kind of Christmas Playlist

For everyone who’s having a headache because of the never-exhausted “Last Christmas“….

It’s happening again! Right on time for the festive pre-Christmas season, the supermarkets are not only swamped by chocolate Santas, gingerbreads and festive cookie tubs. Oh no, also electronics stores, restaurants and flower shops play the Christmas game and dictate the festive sense of Christmas by playing contemplative songs…

To save you from such a trouble, we have created our very own Christmas playlist. Neither “Feliz Navidad” nor “All I want for Christmas” made it to our short-list. We’ll make you listen to some extraordinary and unknown Christmas songs that you probably never heard in any supermarket.

Hence, put your headphones on during the next Christmas shopping and ”Last Christmas“ & Co are history, our playlist will drown them for sure! Like this, you can be relaxed and enjoy your shopping without being stressed by tale Christmas classics… you’re welcome!

Translation: Danielle De Bie