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Book Tip: „Big Fit Girl” by Louise Green

Obese people don’t do sports – a persistent prejudice since ages. And that’s precisely what British Louise Green wants to change. In 2008 already, the plus-sized woman created a fitness program tailored to the needs of curvies with “Body Language”. And she works out hard herself. And why wouldn’t she be slender? The answer is pretty simple: that’s not Louise’s point.

In her book „Big Fit Girl“ (Greystone Books/ app. 12 Euro) the sports lover and fitness expert explains for example why the sports industry has a problem when it gets to overweight people.


Weight loss is no longer the main topic of my sports motivation


© Louise Green – Vairdy Photography

In her interview with The Curvy Magazine Louse Green reveals, why our culture only tolerates certain plus-sized women and how everybody can find the motivation to start working out.

The Curvy Magazine: Are you a „Big, Fit Girl“ – how do you cope with people talking badly about plus size?

Louise Green: I don’t surround myself with people who are negative about obese people. They are mostly internet trolls and I’d rather focus my energy on kind people who count for me: women seeking inspiration and role models are in the centre of my interest.

When did you start working out – and honestly: do you really enjoy it?

Let’s say, I had an on and off relationship with sports for years – and it was always about losing weight. It felt so humiliating but I loved the rush of endorphin. The real reason for sports didn’t matter to me. Since I got things straight, I love to work out. I can’t do without sports today.

Curvy women have been often criticized – now it seems like okay to wear plus size. Does it match your experience?

It depends on the audience. Yes, plus size is being more and more accepted, but only a certain type of plus size women enjoys a sort of appreciation. Usually, it’s the hourglass figure type of woman who is perceived more attractive as soon as she’s into health-relating matters.

Our western culture doesn’t accept all types of plus size women. And even where it’s widely accepted, it’s not the case in certain circles. My experience shows that there’s lot of support. But with a size 46 I respond to an acceptable category somehow, because of my hourglass figure and my active life – but I meet much hatred too. It seems to be balanced.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am


You work out hard, but not to lose weight, right?

Losing weight is no longer the main topic of my sports motivation. I work out to get the maximum benefit of my body and of my emotional power – and to feel good. The endless game of losing weight has always done bad to me and was not in balance with anything that could be beneficial for my health and my body at all.

If I’d like to start working out: how would I do it?

I think, people make the decision and just go for it. It’s as simple as that. If you’re anxious, you could start with a friend or join a group that meets your requirements. Some people prefer to work out on their own, or at home. What’s most important is to find something that you can enjoy and maintain.

What would you advise to plus-sized beauties?

We should turn away from prototypes we’ve been taught by the society for years and years. Women’s ideal image is far from what a normal woman looks like. We need to understand that marketing and the media are determined by photoshop and that what we see are just impossible and even unrealistic standards.

I want all women to accept themselves as they are instead of stepping away from their inner self. Love every bit of you, because life’s too short to waste a thought on a thigh gap or a double chin. Go out there and rock the body you’ve got.

English Translation: Danielle De Bie