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Curvy Ballerina Lizzy Howell: Dancing it all Away!

How would you imagine a dancer? Small, petite graceful – that’s what probably most people would answer when being asked the question. But once you’ve seen the Instagram-Account of 16-year-old Lizzy Howell you’d know: It’s about time to break stereotypes.

An obese dancer? Impossible!

“I’ve seen much hatred just for being an obese dancer. People said to me, that I’d never make it in the world of dance” – it’s with this statement that Lizzy applied for the photo series “Dancers Among Us”. Her emotional story did not only stir photographer Jordan Matter’s heart.

Today, the student from Delaware has become a little star – despite or perhaps because of her overweight.

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am am

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am am


Her mum’s death changed it all

Lizzy’s mother passed away when the little girl was only five years old. To cope with her sorrow, Lizzy started to eat. Much. With a lasting impact. Therfore, she wouldn’t look like the typical ballerina at a first glance.

But neither her overweight nor the fact of suffering from a disease making her brain swell (Pseudotumor Cerebri) will stop Lizzy Howell. The US American has never lost sight of her dream – and has been dancing straight into the hearts of more than 100.000 Instagram followers.



Dance as a therapy

“On good days, I go dancing. On bad days, I go dancing”, admits the 15-year-old towards US “People” magazine. “I’m fully integrated at my current dance studio. They not only make sure I have a dance part, they also make sure I’ll get an adequate costume”.

We are convinced: the name Lizzy Howell is to be remembered. This ballerina will show us what’s possible. Want to bet?

English Translation: Danielle De Bie