DIY Christmas Tree

We’ll show you the cutest DIY ideas for a self-made Christmas tree!

There are many good reasons to give up the traditional Christmas fir and to think about a convenient alternative. On the one hand, we damage the environment by cutting down thousands of small and big trees each year – just to decorate them for a two-week period and let them die in our living room. On the other hand, fir is a time-consuming Christmas decoration – the tree needs to be purchased, carried and decorated. Once it’s set up, it starts losing the needles which need to be vacuumed. You wonder how to make a Christmas tree by yourself? We show you this year’s best DIY Christmas tree ideas – and one thing is sure: most of the suggestions are easier to implement than it may sound!


1. Tape Tree


What you need: tape, Sellotape, fairy lights and some Christmas decoration

How it works: stick a stencil to the wall to attach the fir-shaped tape. Then, attach the fairy lights with the help of Sellotape or sticky tape and plug it into a nearby socket. Add some small decoration items to the tree, et voilà – the self-made Christmas tree can shine bright!

The advantage: a tape tree saves space, is super easy to be made and costs nearly nothing!


2. Book Tree


What you need: a bookshelf and a Christmas star

Ho it works: just arrange your books on the shelf in the form of a Christmas tree and stick a Christmas star on the top shelf!

The advantage: the book tree is built and dismantled in two minutes and costs nothing at all!


3. Pineapple


What you need: one pineapple, spray paint, some Christmas decoration, perhaps fairy lights

Ho it works: spray the pineapple with gold or with a different colour, add some Christmas decoration at whim and ready is your mini Christmas tree!

The advantage: the pineapple tree looks great and is less heavy than a fir. It’s an excellent alternative for the contemplative moments in a small apartment!


4. Plate Tree


What you need: different plates, some Christmas decoration, double-sided sticky tape, sweets and perhaps fairy lights

How it works: fix the plates on the wall and decorate them at whim. Use a stellar plate for the Christmas star.

The advantage: this Christmas tree produces nearly no waste: the plates may be reused as of January, the sweets will be devoured in two shakes! Have fun in the making!

Translation: Danielle De Bie