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#editmypicturenotmyshape – our Collab with PicsArt

Take our editorial pictures to the next level! Join, it’s worth it!

Have you ever heard of the PicsArt app? No? Well, it’s about time! With this app, CEO Hovhannes Avoyan has created a space that encourages creativity! With 100 million monthly users, his idea has turned into one of the leading platforms such as Instagram or Tumblr.

We’re happy to announce our partnership with PicsArt for the CURVY Edit Challenge. Together, we’re aiming at celebrating all body shapes existing!

Today, we’re kicking off our joint #Curvy Kampagne: between January 12 and January 19 you have the opportunity to be creative. 30 photos of our self-produced high-end editorials are yours to be edited and shaped by your taste.

PicsArtprovides a large number of tools for creative editing, a vast range of filters and a database of different stickers and drawings. What’s unique is that the photo tools are joint on a social media platform. You can simply create your artworks on your mobile devices and share them with others.

After collaborations with famous names such as 30 Seconds from Mars, Lindsey Stirling and even the iconic Dior in the past, PicsArt now joins forces with the Curvy Magazine.

According to the motto #editmypictureandnotmyshape, you as well as the PicsArt users have the opportunity to edit, decorate and embellish pictures of Caterina @Megabambi, Verena @theSkinnyandtheCurvyone, Hanna Wilprath, the winner of the success TV format Curvy Supermodel and others. The community members rate the results, the entries’ top ten will receive an attractive prize!



How it works:

  1. Download the app via Android or AppStore on your smartphone
  2. Register and here you go
  3. Click on our campaign or enter #curvy in the search function
  4. Choose a picture and click edit
  5. And now let your creativity flow
  6. Ready? Then, click „save and submit“ and you’re ready to participate in the competition
  7. Share the result on Instagram, tag @thecurvymagazine and @PicsArt by using the hashtags #picsart, #curvy and #curvychallenge

Nothing left but „spreading the word”, the more ratings you get, the bigger are your chances to win. We can’t wait to see your edits! We’re so glad about the collaboration opportunity thus, take part and tell your friends all about it!

Translation: Danielle De Bie