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Every Year Again…

All this stuff about the contemplative season! A column by our author Lilian about the Christmas season.

What the heck am I doing here? For the third time, I’m running past the elevator searching for this damn escalator. To look for presents in a packed shopping centre only three days before Christmas wasn’t the best idea, I admit! I decide to stop my quest and to queue with 17 others who look the way I feel:  exhausted, frazzled and green about the gills. Somewhat eight minutes later I’m in the crowded elevator on my way to the third floor – watching the people’s fight at the elevator door for several minutes: some rushing in, others rushing out and me right in the middle of it – giving up.

Without having left the elevator I’m going down again – my way through countless lunatic shopping lovers to be tantamount to a superb slalom that’s worth turning Christian Neureuther green to envy. Finally, I made it outside to take a break and watch the dark, snowy sky.


What’s left of Christmas’ Origins?


“If I’d be Jesus, I was upset” is crossing my mind. I didn’t sacrifice my life for people who, every year at the occasion of my birthday, cause such a drama. I’m not particularly religious but the fact that Christmas Eve’s traditions have their origin in Christianity cannot be ignored. But it seems to me though that there’s not a lot to be left.

On my way home, I decide once again that this year’s Christmas will turn into a radical alternative program. Back home, I’m sending a circular mail to my friends and my family. The subject line says: no presents this year – #sorrynotsorry. I’m inviting everyone to a post-Christmas get-together – with lots of wine. I call it “Jesus’ Birthday Bash”. I’m feeling relieved somehow. In a next step, I’m exiling gingerbread, almond biscuits and co from my flat and start to search for exotic cookie recipes on the internet. And instead of celebrating Christmas under a traditional tree I’ll be sitting in front an intellectual-looking book tree.


Back to Basics!


In a relaxed and contemplative mood, I’m going to the kitchen to look for the cookies’ ingredients. While stacking milk, flour and butter on my kitchen counter, I’m thinking about the sense of Christmas, happy with my pre-Christmas change of mind. Back to the basics – check! I’m opening the fridge and… damn! I ran out of eggs.

Therefore, I’m walking back to the shopping centre, quite upset and with my head down, to buy fresh eggs. In my thoughts, I start to write the shopping list for the Christmas presents, which I will buy there anyway.

Translation: Danielle De Bie