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Fashion on Netflix – The Top 5 Fashion Movies

All eyes are set on fashion: Netflix portrays exciting personalities, gives insights into the history of fashion and provides a sneak peek behind the scenes of the fashion industry. One who’s into fashion should absolutely watch these five documentaries on Netflix. Caution: risk of addiction!


Dazzling robes of past eras, a New York flat resembling a museum, a repertoire of oversized correction eyeglasses and right in the middle a woman who couldn’t be more versatile: Iris Apfel. The 95-year old invites the spectator to have a look at her colourful (fashion) world. Iris Apfel is a style icon and despite her age a career and power woman. Beyond her passion for jewellery (she never goes out without bangles and bracelets) the American was among others responsible for the interior design of the White House. One needs to experience Iris Apfel! The documentary called “Iris” provides this unique opportunity.


Sophia Amoruso‘s career resembles a fairy tale. As a young woman, the US American kept her head above water through small thefts and unpopular side jobs – until she started to sell vintage fashion on eBay at the age of 22. Surprisingly, the demand increased tremendously. Completely inexperienced, Sophia Amoruso founded her online store ”Nasty Gal“ shortly after. And it paid off: the website has advanced to being a multi-million-dollar corporation, and Sophia Amoruso to a successful business woman. Netflix made a movie about Sophia Amoruso’s life story and the “Girlboss” movement. The 13 episodes of the TV series are broadcast from April 2017.

The True Cost

The Netflix documentary “The True Cost“ of Andrew Morgan tells an untold story. The movie starts far away from the “glamorous” fashion world, right at the origin of high street garments: in Bangladesh, China and India. “The True Cost” highlights the deficiencies and the issues at the production sites and – hopefully – provokes us to consider and re-consider.

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

The film portrait about Jeremy Scott shows the designer’s approach when creating the new Moschino collections, and it gives an insight into the flamboyant and extravagant world of the designer who, from childhood on, dreamt to create fashion. In the fashion documentary on Netflix well-known fans of the brand such as Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry get the chance to speak. Concluding we can say: “I don’t speak Italian but, I speak Moschino.”

Fresh Dressed

Hip-hop fashion goes hand in hand with baggy jeans and deconstructed jeans waistcoats. But where and when did this fashion style occur? “Fresh Dressed” on Netflix treats New York’s Afro-American culture in the 70ies and talks to rap legends and contemporary artists like A$AP Rocky, Kanye West and Pharell Williams about hip-hop style and the music business.

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Translation: Danielle De Bie