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Fat Amy Is Back! And The With A Great Sweepstake

We love you all: Fat Amy! Now the DVD sale of Pitch Perfect III starts and we talked to Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld

When Pitch Perfect first came to the cinema in 2012, we were all immediately in love with the cool girl gang. Since then they have experienced a lot, sung many great songs and now it’s: Last round, pitches! After graduating from college, when the Bellas realize that they won’t get far with a cappella in real life alone, they return one last time for the final chapter of the popular film series.


For the DVD launch we met Hailee Steinfeld and Rebel Wilson to talk to them about the film:


How was the Boot Camp experience? Like a reunion with old friends?

Rebel Wilson: The Bella Boot Camp took place a month before shooting started, and it was like bringing the old clique together. It’s a lot of fun!

Hailee Steinfeld: Yes, it is. It’s great fun. You go in and you’re off!

Rebel Wilson: From all sides you hear “Hi!” and “What a great purse you’ve got.”


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Was it ever scary to get that big stack of songs you had to learn before the shoot, despite your experience?

HS: It can be incredibly scary when you get the song arrangements or the mash-ups we had to do. But I think we’ve done well and we know how to use it.

RW: In the first movie it was worse, we had to sing certain parts of a song that didn’t fit the movements. That’s really difficult. But we have become accustomed to certain routines and can internalize them more quickly. Some songs are ten-part harmonies, i.e. each girl sings a different track. But somehow we’ll get it right.


How’d it go with director Trish Sie this time? She let you improvise the dialogue?

HS: Trish was incredible. She really had a lot of confidence in us and somehow let us do it.

RW: She trusted that we know our role best. This time not only I improvised – I have experience with improvisation – everyone contributed ideas for their individual roles.


Was there a certain musical arrangement that was more complicated than the others?

HS: I think that basically everybody was complicated because you do so many things at once. You sing and dance, that’s enough, and then you have to stick to the story line, your role and the feelings that go with it. And then act. It’s a lot!

RW: For me it was the shooting of Cheap Thrills, the Sia act. It was the middle of the night, and it was freezing cold. You’ve got to hang on and motivate yourself, at 4:00 a.m. You take a short break and go back, heat up the crowd. And it was freezing, around zero degrees!


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Rebel, how much fun did you enjoy the action scenes in the movie?

RW: Suddenly Fat Amy becomes an action heroine, I really enjoyed that, of course, because I love kung fu movies. Actually, I’m not one of those people you cast for such roles! But I’ll give anything! So I used Pitch Perfect 3 as an audition to show action and kung fu directors my talents for future films (laughs). And there’s more! There’s more from the corner!
Did you have an accident during one of these scenes, did you accidentally hit the stuntman or hurt yourself?

RW: In Pitch Perfect 3 I didn’t hurt myself in a single scene, but in my sequel I slipped down a grasshopper and suffered a concussion!

HS: Just think of Pitch Perfect 2, where everyone lay on their noses, and not even in battle scenes!

RW: When shooting Pitch Perfect 2 I fell down the stairs to the make-up room and really hurt myself. But strangely enough, I didn’t get any injuries during the fight scenes for this movie.


If you were watching a Blu-ray or DVD of Pitch Perfect 3, what scene would you watch again?

RW: There’s this duet that was unfortunately cut from the film that I personally think is the best ever shot (laughs)! Apparently everyone thinks so, although the scene didn’t make it into the final version of the movie. But it will be on the DVD. It’s a duet of mine with John Lithgow, so be sure to watch it!


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