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FA(T)SHIONISTA – 10 Clamours and Wishes to the World!

Magda Albrecht published her book “Fa(t)shionista – Rund und Glücklich durchs Leben“ (EN: chubby and happy through life) at the beginning of this year. Here’s an extract!

The way, obese people are treated, says a lot about our society – it’s not always friendly in the opinion of the author Magda Albrecht. She’s learned to put something against the slimness ideal: proud fa(t)shionistas and the learning that diets avail nothing – but to bad temper. And that’s what her book “Fa(t)shionista – Rund und Glücklich durchs Leben”! is about! It also contains her ten wishes to the world. We don’t want to keep them back! Thus, here’s an extract from the book:


“My manifest demands quite much! Do you remember: modesty is not my thing. We don’t want just a piece of the cake, we want the entire bakery! I sat down to write down of what’s important to me. It’s how the beautiful life begins, with dreams and wishes. To crib, copy, change, discuss, delete or re-write is explicitly required.”
Hier sind meine zehn Forderungen und Wünsche:

1. The digits on my scale don’t decide about my value.

  • Morally, losing weight is no better than keeping or gaining weight.
  • Against profit-seeking diet programs.
  • For awareness campaigns for noxious diet remedies.
  • For less moral clubs and more respect.


2. I want to extend the beauty ideals – and burst them.

  • Beauty norms are no holy commandments.
  • For more debates and critical analysis as of the childhood.


3. Food is for everybody – to be savoured with pleasure, not with stress.

  • Food can be tasty and make you happy. Food can harm your body and cause allergic reactions. Certain foodstuffs are not ‘good‘ or ‘bad‘ per se.
  • Against diet talk, tense calorie counting and a guilty conscience.
  • For more vegan, vegetarian and allergy sensitive proposals, for everybody has the chance to savor.


4. I want medical attention without prejudice.

  • Soundness and illness are complex issues and not a sign of superiority on the one hand and failure on the other.
  • For medical devices and facilities suitable for obese bodies.
  • For further education in terms of weight discrimination in medical institutions.


5. I want the opportunity to have a friendship with my body – or even a hot love affair.

  • The body hate encouraged by the society means stress.
  • For the promotion of body diversity as a social value.
  • For the right to love one’s wrinkles, love handles and jug ears.


6. I want to move because I like it – not because I’m supposed to do so.

  • Against any harassment whatsoever at the bathing pond, gym or sports club.
  • For sportswear in big sizes, body-friendly sports programs, less performance pressure and more enjoyment of movement.


7. I do not accept that there are more diet programs than fitting clothes.

  • For affordable clothes in a wide range of sizes, colours and fabrics.
  • For a respectful approach in the fitting room and for self-organized clothing swap parties, flea markets and sewing clubs.
  • Against dated fashion rules.


8. I have the right of being protected against discrimination.

  • Whether it’s in the professional life, on the plane or at the hospital, every person deserves a prejudice-free and individual treatment – the same salary as well, by the way.


9. I want to see myself represented in the media – preferably with my head and not as a headless fatty!

  • For more obese people behind the camera.
  • For a more complex representation of big characters beyond stick-in-the-mud and class clown.
  • For women’s magazines that support women in their diversity.
  • Against boring dos & don’ts that dictate how we are supposed to be.


10. I have the right of bodily autonomy – and claim the same for others too.

  • For the freedom of choice and personal fulfilment without humiliation.
    Or based on the Fat Liberation Manifesto: obese people deserve human respect and appreciation to the full extent.


On Friday, January 26, 2018 her book launch will take place in Berlin. From 18.30 to 21.00 o’clock coffee and cake will be served at the Aquarium (Skalitzer Straße 6, 10999 Berlin) the author herself will be present for a reading. You shouldn’t miss that one! A while ago, we had the chance to meet Magdalena Albrecht personally and are delighted. Real words in that little book that is a wake-up call for the society. Hats off!


Translation: Danielle De Bie