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Romantic Movies for Fall Feelings

The fall season is cuddle season. We’ll show you the perfect movies for cosy moments.

At last. It was about time… fall is about couch potatoing without feeling guilty! With a hot drink and some tasty cake (how about pumpkin pie?) cosy on the couch, watching romantic movies. Whether alone, with your sweetheart, or with your best friend – some classics are timeless must-sees. It gets even cosier when the leaves slowly turn colour and the temperatures fall.

You’re looking forward to a cool TV session, not afraid to ruin your makeup by shedding crocodile tears? In this case, these five movies are perfect for you.

When Harry met Sally



Starring: Billy Chrystal and Meg Ryan

Release: 1989

What’s the story: Harry Burns (Billy Chrystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) meet during a car ride to New York – and hate each other. Harry is convinced that: „men and women cannot be friends.“ Too bad that he keeps on crossing Sally’s paths in the years to come. Until they both realize that they are somehow made for each other. At least in theory.

Our tip: Watch and enjoy with a hot chocolate… hmm!


Autumn in New York



Starring: Winona Ryder and Richard Gere

Release: 2000

What’s the story: New York restaurant owner Will Keane (Richard Gere) meets the 22-year old Charlotte Fielding (Winona Ryder). Despite the difference in age, they madly fall in love. But then Charlotte reveals her tragic fate: she’s suffering from a serious heart disease and has only one more year to live …

Our tip: Be prepared… ice cream and hankies mandatory!





Starring: Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon

Release: 1989

What’s the story: When the successful photographer Isabel Kelly (Julia Roberts) falls in love with the divorced family father Luke Harrison (Ed Harris), she’s not just getting a man but also two stepchildren. But the kids’ mother Jackie (Susan Sarandon) is not particularly fond of her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. It’s a serious illness that brings  the two women closer to each other.

Our tip: Best companions to watch: your best friend and hankies.


You’ve Got Mail



Starring: Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

Release: 1998

What’s the story: In the real life, the entrepreneur Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and the bookseller Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) hate each other. Whereas in the virtual world, they get closer and feel attracted. Without knowing though, who they fell in love with. A romantic movie with heart and soul.

Our tip: Turn off your mobile phone! This classic deserves your full attention.



Love Story



Starring: Ali McGraw and Ryan ONeal

Release: 1970

What’s the story: At a first glance, the students Oliver Barrett (Ryan O’Neal) and Jenny Cavalleri (Ali McGraw) don’t share many things. But their love is stronger than any difficulties they must to overcome on their road to happiness. But… is there a happy end?

Our tip: Waterproof mascara or, even better, remove your makeup first.

Translation: Danielle De Bie