Staying Fit through Fall with Aqua Gym

Especially in the cold season, we prefer to visit our couch rather than the gym. There’s an end of it!

In autumn and fall, we find it rather difficult to get off our duff and to bring our everyday life in motion. Many curvies feel uncomfortable at a fitness studio but still, want to work out. Outside activities are also not an issue – when it comes to home-workouts, the inner temptations are often the sure winner! What to do, to stay fit and active through the cold season? Our tip: try the aqua gym.

This workout’s advantage: it’s done inside, in the water, where we feel lighter and more flexible. That’s the reason why curvy women, as well as elder people, opt for the joint-friendly fitness activity.

Meanwhile, many bathhouses provide such classes. And the offer includes a wide range of different aqua-gym types. If you favour a smooth start, you may opt for basic classes. For those who like it more intense, the offer provides power variations like aqua-cycling (under water-cycling), aqua-pilates, aqua-latino, fat burner classes and much more.

You’d always move to music. Depending on the time of day and according to the participants, the group size may vary, because the aqua-gym classes are taking place at different daytimes. To get it straight: no longer an excuse for the working crowd!

Well, it may seem weird in the beginning if suddenly someone asks you to jog or to perform the jumping jack in the water. But trust us, it gets easier after a while and you will feel a result for sure. Because aqua gym forms your body smoothly and it’s the best way for everyone who’d like to lose some weight.

So that you can cut a fine figure at all levels, we’ll show you some super nice swimsuits that are just a few clicks away.

Translation: Danielle De Bie