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Five Surprising Gift Ideas – For any Occasion

Here we go, with five cool presents that will certainly impress the addressee. You betcha?!

Some people deserve a little extra. Your best friend, for example, because she’s always there for you. Your neighbour, because she receives your countless deliveries. Your partner, because he tolerates you even at moments when you hate yourself. And your parents, of course, who love you whatever happens. Sometimes, you’d like to thank them – preferably in a very creative manner.


1. Home Feeling for Individualists


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Some things are useful. Some things are cool. Ideally, these two properties complement each other. The useful doormat of Visual Statements gives a good example, it’s hip yet functional

Cheeky messages, hip design and the best chance to tell your guests, what you’re really into – whether it’s Ryan Gosling, Netflix or gin – the individual doormats offer something for every taste.



2. Ice, Ice, Baby: Sweets for my Sweet


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Tasty and refreshing, a perfect dessert or a sweet cure when love gets complicated: ice cream is always a good idea. In our opinion at least. And it’s totally irrelevant whether temperatures are about to cross the 30-degree mark or if winter freeze yells for irresistible vanilla ice cream with hot strawberries.

Sweet gourmets and ice cream lovers watch out! A special service is brought to you – Germany-wide! Thus, how about paying a round of ice-cream to yourself and your sweetheart? What you need to do? There’s nothing simpler than that: get to your computer, chose four to eight different flavours and in less than no time the coolinary delights are on their way to you.

Not kidding: The Berlin based company Florida Eis provides a 24-hour delivery service within Germany. And one thing is for sure: you’ll be happy about having ordered more than just one cup because, hmmm, the flavours are so good. (Costs: from 29,90 Euros for four cups of 500 ml – delivery included)



3. Beauty Queens’ little Helper


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We all know the situation: we just want to quickly (haha!) paint our nails, wait for like an eternity and… damn, a first scratch ruins the artwork.

This klittle ape with special function is a cute gimmick for restless beauty queens. Lay your freshly painted nails on the banana button – and the ape blows until they’re dry.

A truly sweet gift idea and, a good laugh guaranteed.


4. Total Relaxation at Home



A hard week is behind you, at the same time you’re looking to an exhausting meeting with your boss and you’re going through some struggle with your best friend? Then, it’s time for some relaxation – at home. How it works? With a massage of wellnow. Simply choose a date, book your preferred therapist and… enjoy! The masseur comes straight to your place and brings along all that is needed for a relaxing massage: daybed, music and essential oils (from 69 Euros – journey included)


5. Fun in Series


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Small gifts are as beautiful as big presents. And let’s be honest: who wouldn’t have some TV series addicts as friends? Exactly! How about giving away Netflix subscription. For a month, a quarter or even one year? The costs are reasonable. Why? The answer is as simple as that: you’ve finally found someone who shares your passion and ideas.

If you don’t want to give away a subscription, you can easily create a subaccount for a friend on your personal Netflix account instead. You won’t pay one more cent – even if several people satisfy their addiction at the same time.

Translation: Danielle De Bie