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How To: Oktoberfest Flirting Lesson

Hot curves in a sexy dirndl and masculine legs in tight leather pants – all hell has broken loose in Munich. The Oktoberfest is the flirting hot spot. How it works and what’s important? Here’s a flirting lesson in a nutshell.

Let’s start with what’s most important: the dirndl and its meanings. There’s no doubt, a deep neckline makes you an eyecatcher in the traditional dress. In no way, one thing should be missing: the apron! Because the way you wear the loop indicates the status of your relationship.

Front left: You’re partying as a single.

Front right:  Guys, watch out, hands off. The lady has a boyfriend or is even married.

Front midst: Women who wear the loop in the middle make gentlemen understand that she’s still untouched.

Back: This is getting tricky… a loop in the back could have two meanings: the wearer of the dirndl is either a widow or … a waitress.

Let’s be honest: who would care about the loop? Flirting is such a wonderful thing and this is the beauty of the Oktoberfest: here, there’s much of it.




Come on, Sweetheart!

Nowhere it’s easier to give away your heart than at the Munich Oktoberfest. And it can be taken at face value which means: you can send Mr. Perfect a tasty gingerbread heart with a message – and he can do the same, of course. And let’s be honest: Who is not into sweet things?

Hold me Tight

Whether you’re dancing or having a ride on a merry-go-round – somebody contact helps when flirting. Let Prince Charming hold you tight while you’re dancing the night away. And a wild ride on the fairground is a perfect occasion for a cuddle or two. It couldn’t be easier, isn’t it?




A Healthy Dose of Maß

Beer belongs to the „Wiesn“ tradition like the tasty chicken roast called „Hendl“. But you cannot be too careful with a “Maß” of beer: because one litre of the barley juice gets on your head and on your bladder. Flirting works, of course, when queuing for the toilet but… with too much beer in your blood, you may easily end up at the medics. They are sweet indeed but, flirting when being drunk is not much fun.

Give me a Peck.

Girls, it will never be easier than at the Oktoberfest. A peck (“Bussal” in Bavarian slang) on the cheek, a seductive gaze and his heart is yours. For one night only or even longer – it all depends on you. Okay, and on him. But you can have some fun for sure.

Translation: Danielle De Bie


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