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Girlboss Trend: Best of Business Accessories

We’ll sweeten up your stressful office life with the help of these great business accessories.

Most people have regular daily routines and standard working hours means that they spend between eight and ten hours at the office. But sitting at a desk, being on the phone and staring nonstop at electronic devices like laptop, mobile phone & co. all day long can be boring indeed. We’ll bring a breath of fresh air to your office by sweetening up your work routines with the most beautiful products from the world of business accessories – for better focus and some extra office fin.

Being organized is an employee’s nuts and bolts. Jumping into your cloths last minute, while searching for a chewing gum and your car key in that oversized handbag… such day start madness makes it rather difficult to look at a productive office day. Especially a stressful working routine filled with meetings, phone calls, and lunch meetings requires a well-structured and organized desk.

A large wall calendar at the office plus a small one in your handbag provide you with a good overview of your appointments and deadlines, regardless of your smartphone. Attractive desk equipment like pens, notepads, and tape may in stressful situations bring a little smile on your face. And short phrases can be subtle reminders as well as useful little helpers to stay focused. Sounds too good to be true? Sometimes, your motivation just needs a trigger!

Now that we’ve found the perfect outfit and makeup for business, we’ll show you our favourite accessories for desk, handbag & co. #Stayfocused!

Translation: Danielle De Bie