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Great Short Trips – Part 3 Napoli

In part 3 of our short trip series we take you to Naples and show you the somewhat (un)typical Italian flavour.

Ciao bella Napoli! A „dance on the volcano“ will be guaranteed. Not only has Naples been built on lava rocks, it’s also at a stone’s throw from Vesuvio and the Phlegrean Fields spouting boiling hot water and toxic sulphur fumes from their depths to date.

The old town of the metropolis, which was founded by the ancient Greeks, has been declared a World Heritage Site a few years ago – it shines with aristocratic charm whose colours have faded a little. Here, at the cultural and economic heart of Southern Italy, the famous pizza was born, there’s a hive of activity and plenty of high spirits that are motivating and contagious.



The perfect day:

We follow the footsteps of Oscar Wilde: just like him we enjoy our dose of caffeine at the Gran Caffè Gambrinus at Via Chiaia and take our first Espresso surrounded by tasteful marble furnishings of the 19th century.
A stroll through the old town is a must, past the harbour and Piazza Plebiscito, a meeting point of the well-dressed who obviously cannot just be found in Milan. Worth a visit is Museo Archeologico Nazionale, where parts of Pompeji were rebuilt – including some insinuating frescos.
Appetite for more? Difficult to say where you could find the best pizza in town since every Neapolitan has his personal favourite “pizzaiolo”. At Da Michele at least, Julia Roberts savoured hers in „Eat, Pray, Love”, Bill Clinton however ate his flatbread at Pizzeria Di Matteo. If you feel like rustic atmosphere, cellar vaults and recipes which have been passed through generations, we recommend Maria Cacialli’s Figlia des Presidente.
What better way to aid digestion afterwards than to take a walk through the Catacombs or to the Cappella Sansevero, with its unique filigree marble sculptures which are worth seeing.

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Travel tips:

The 182 bus shuttles regularly from the nearby airport to the city centre. From here you could walk, take the metro or the cableway.

English translation: Danielle De Bie

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