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Happy New Year’s Resolutions always Being Broken!

3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!!! Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? No one ever sticks to them anyway, isn’t it?

The new year has hardly started when people make countless resolutions that will be left unheard. Some make a list of last year’s broken resolutions, obsessed with keeping them: “This year, for sure”! Our editorial staff carries over new and old resolutions as well, but… we’ve had a bellyful! We’ll show you why making resolutions is all a load of nonsense.



Every year anew, I have the intention to do more sports and to go outside more. But it’s never happening somehow.




More healthy food, less shopping – the ever-recurring resolutions. But I know for sure that at least every second Sunday of the new year I’ll say: Tomorrow is another day.




I kissed the idea of New Year’s resolutions goodbye many years ago – you never stick to them anyway. I’m trying to reach my goals throughout the year.




Every year again I decided to prepare my tax declaration well-planned and organised to send it in due time. It never works! I’m missing the sense of accounting, insurances, financial investment and all that stuff completely. I couldn’t care less.




”With the beginning of the new year, I’ll quit smoking. No, I really do!“ At midnight, I’m taking the last drag… already too late.




More sports, a healthier diet, less smoking – no one ever kept these resolutions. My same resolutions since many years: less stress and some rest for my body. And I’m sure that again it won’t work. Therefore, I decided to set myself small targets, each month another one – and then we’ll see if this makes more sense!




Every year anew, I decided to keep a diary – although I know that I’ll be missing the time and the leisure to go through with it.



Meanwhile, I manage to stick by my resolutions quite well. But it hasn’t been easy. You must learn to only reach out for things you truly want. This is the way to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.



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Everything you’d like to improve in the new year can be changed straight away. The earlier, the better. Only opt for things that you want to change without fail. Not just to soothe your conscience. Don’t force yourself. If you’re actually happy and only reasoned by others, don’t listen to them. Our New Year’s resolution: Do what YOU like!

Translation: Danielle De Bie