© matthew hamilton

Hello Summer Time! Nice, to see you again!

The time shift took away an hour, but we’re happy to sound the bell for summer!

Spring has officially arrived, and while we’re watching the driving snow with increasing despair, we almost forgot the time change. Every year it hits us unexpectedly. Getting out of bed is anyway a challenge, even more, on bad weather days. And one hour less of beauty sleep is not funny! But the days when the sunlight says hello in the morning are near, and this is a thing to look forward to!

To get up with the light of day is healthy for the mind and soul, and even if we can’t hide the early rising the time change is the long-expected forerunner of the summer.

The summertime brings back our energy! The wintery “crawling out of bed” becomes more snappy and we can even motivate ourselves for some Pilates on the colourful yoga mat.

Here, you’ll find some suggestions for a perfect day start and to get fit for summer:

  1. First, open the curtains in the morning, let the light in and make your bed! You’ll notice that like this, your day starts much easier!
  2. Instead of coffee, drink a big glass of water first! It wakens your body and soul and prevents from a headache and fatigue. A slice of grapefruit or lemon boosts it all to kick-start your metabolism.
  3. Get your body going! Whether with a round in the park, some yoga or just a few stretching exercises. Your body stays flexible and fit, and the positive feeling stays with you all day!
  4. Fresh flavours. A new shower gel or fragrance? To smell like spring is just fantastic!
  5. How about red or pink lipstick today? We love nude but is there anything better than bright lips in spring?!

Last but not least: create a playlist with your favourite uptempo sounds! That adds to the spring vibe! And don’t forget that, regardless how grey or dark it may be today, summer is on its way! We already did the job:


Translation: Danielle De Bie