Hot & Chic – The perfect 10 Sextoys

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It can get hot when a visitor stands right at your doorstep and you’ve left the vibrator on the coffee table. This problem can be easily solved if besides thinking of fun and function the decorative aspect is taken into consideration too. Our wonderful selection of delicate toys for grown-ups gets our blood racing, for sure, but only if that was the initial plan… 


Well, it’s too light to be a dumbbell and it’s not the right season for mushrooms… The sophisticated design of “Enoki” reveals its true purpose only at a second glance – and this is exactly how it should be. Gentle vibrations or staccato-like pulsation, the beautiful jewel fits nicely your hand and treats the most sensitive spot masterly, depending on the mood and preferences. And when the battery must be charged, this accessory in pink and gold can easily lie around without any risk.

Bei Eis für 60,99 €



Watch out, pussycat: “I rub my Kitty” is a very subtle and discrete pet. It is house-trained, waterproof and purrs gently. Whether in innocent white or bright pink – this graceful vibrator with a diamond necklace is thrilling and completely inconspicuous in the bric-a-brac which accumulates in a regular household. And: the perfect alternative for those suffering a cat allergy.

Bei Beate Uhse für 24,99 €




It couldn’t be more precious: the 24-carat gold-plated necklace and its conspicuous-inconspicuous hanger is nearly office- but without doubt party-friendly. The elegant eye-catcher does not only emphasize the wearer’s décolleté but also her style competence. The battery mode enables her to take immediate action in case of an emergency. Those who like to have the matching equipment for the small in-between gratification at hand may be put into chains.

Bei Beate Uhse für 169,00 €



How sweet! Kokeshi toys come from Japan; these characters are original child’s toys made of fruit-tree woods. We’re extremely enchanted by this version for adults which represents a beautiful decoration for our windowsill or book shelve. By pressing her little belly she reveals her delightful secret. In addition to three vibration speeds our Kokeshi is waterproof… pure bathing pleasure guaranteed!

Bei Amorelie für 20,20 €



Where’s the bunny? The cute “Naughty Bunny” knows ten vibration programs and is very flexible. The cock ring in vibrant pink is the perfect gift not only at Easter, it guarantees pleasant moments throughout the year. The neat silicon accessory which could be perceived as a key holder or a pet toy is even rechargeable. Thus… off it goes into your shopping basket.

Bei Eis für 29,99 €



Diamonds are not only forever, as we all know they’re also a girl’s best friend. This counts particularly for this pretty vibrator that comes in an elegant jewel box. With seven vibration patterns in three different power levels the smooth golden gemstone exceeds our expectations and may go on a discovery voyage of all our erogenous zones. The beautiful “Vibrating Diamond” becomes most probably invisible between our cream jars and perfume bottles. It would be a pity to hide it in a drawer.

Bei Amorelie für 49,90 €



We’re not ashamed, of course, and hide the sweetest fruits in our cupboard. This “Forbidden Fruit” looks so decorative and chic that it even connoisseurs would not even guess the heavenly pleasures the glaring red apple can bring. Its various vibration formulas make us want to take it anywhere – and we can, thanks to its rechargeable battery and its blocking function which prevents your weekender bag of becoming nervous.




Pigalle may well be the biggest pleasure mile in Paris. Never mind, since we are only interested in l’Amour and „La Tour est Folle“, the crazy tower. Of course, we do not discover “tout de suite” that this elegant Eiffel Tower version with the rounded tip has a very exciting life of its own. Well-placed between the pepper mill and the hand blender it could easily be perceived as another useful device. Which it is somehow, thanks for its various variation levels. O là là!

Bei Beate Uhse für 24,99 €



Ice, Ice, Baby! This ice cream cone does not trigger a tingly feeling? Well, then you might take the model “I-Scream” for real. With its glossy chocolate glaze this sexy ice cream is simply an invitation to bite into. That this little cone is home to ten vibration programs and that it’s also waterproof is most likely only no secret to specialists of adult’s toys. As far as we’re concerned, we’re already looking forward to the dessert.

Bei Eis für 49,99 €



A souvenir of the last beach vacation? The shell-shaped vibrator could pass for a souvenir easily, or for a luxurious enchanting soap, who could tell? Do not be fooled by the beautiful design, „Kushi“ is decorative indeed, but it’s also highly functional. The soft touch and anti-dirt coat guarantee highest comfort while clear edges, curves and ripples promise maximum pleasures. We love it!

Bei Amorelie für 130,00 €

Foto/Intro: Amorelie

Translation: Danielle De Bie