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Interview with Tanja Marfo @kurvenrausch

Successful, independent and visionary – that’s how we would describe Tanja Marfo!

In 2012, Tanja Marfo of Kurvenrausch set the Plus Size Fashion Days rolling. Today, she ensures that big-size fashion looks as good as fashion in small sizes. The native of Hamburg has a clear opinion: “We’re living in a visual culture that was created by ourselves and where no one can keep the pace. This cult of the body makes us sick, and women feel more and more under pressure. With Kurvenrausch I’d like to create a community where women can be happy with each other and be strong together, regardless their clothes size. And that’s not excluding slender women at all.“

In the context of our business issue, we’ve asked the power woman to raise some questions about the #GirlBoss topic. And to answer them, of course. And you? What would be your answers?


Having success means to you… that above all, I can do something that satisfies my heart and what’s helping other people.

Never missing at my office are… a notepad, laptop, telephone and good music.

How to successfully balance work and family… the parents must pull together. I expect my partner to help me; if one is indisposed, the other has to take over.

My personal business style is… classic combined with modern, feminine accents.

My laptop’s desktop displays… (if tidy) the motto of the Plus Size Fashion Days.



What‘s between you and a successful career?

Tanja Marfo: ”The mind, the thinker in all of us. How many times do we think to not achieving a goal, to not make it or even to fail?


Likeable, self-determined and successful – are these the characteristics that in our opinion describe a successful woman?

Tanja Marfo: “I think that society often draws a wrong picture of successful women. To be successful women need much empathy and a certain self-confidence. I’ve rarely met ice-cold businesswomen.”


Do women today meet higher expectations than before?

Tanja Marfo: “In my opinion, modern women feel more pressure than before. In a conservative household, where I come from, the gender roles used to be clear, both partners had their distinct tasks… Thank God, most of us are working today and have a life outside the family. We have a lot more responsibilities, more freedom, and we can shape our lives as we want it. Historically, these are quite recent opportunities, considering that in the 70ies women were not allowed to work without their husband’s authorization.“


Why, do we wear the wrong shoes too often?

Tanja Marfo: “Because the perfect outfit requires the perfect shoes. I switched from heels to flats, however. Meanwhile, you can find many beautiful flats.”

Translation: Danielle De Bie