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Interview with Sexpert Paula Lambert

Business ladies heads up! Germany’s sexpert Paula Lambert provides tips for work & sex!

We know her from TV. Lambert’s program ”Paula comes – sex and bedtime stories“ airs on SIXX for more than three years. On top, she writes books and columns. We’ve been talking to Germany’s sexpert about sex and work and about how to feel at ease as a curvy woman. But read yourself:


the Curvy Magazine: How to become a sex expert?

Paula Lambert: “That’s pretty simple: an expert is someone who has made mistakes in a specific field!“


Your secret of success is…

Paula Lambert: “… to be authentic and honest. It doesn’t help anyone if I’d pretend. That’s why my last book “Like yourself, otherwise no one likes you” did so much good to myself. If you’re honest, you’re feeling better since honesty has a high quality.”


Is it true that very few Germany have sex on Tuesdays?

Paula Lambert: “Well. We all know how to think about surveys. What’s certain is that it could be more, more intense and passionate above all. There’s a much shyness here!”


How much sex should have a busy businesswoman?

Paula Lambert: “Phew. It all depends on the individual way of life. My only answer to the question of “should” can be “as much as she wants”. Stress is a lust killer, though.”


Which tips can you provide to businesswomen who travel much?

Paula Lambert: “To not forget that they are women too. We, women, tend to burden ourselves with too many tasks and to choke our own needs.”


Do successful, strong and dominant women have to take this same attitude to bed?

Paula Lambert: “The best is to act exactly the way they feel and not to comply with any stereotypes. But I can understand when businesswomen want to abandon control in bed sometimes.”



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am am

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am


Might sexy lingerie add some spice to one’s sex life indeed?

Paula Lambert: “Not if you hope that it makes the man run wild. But undoubtedly, however, if it makes you feel strong and beautiful. This attitude, the inner glow makes him wild.”


What makes you feel at ease in your body?

Paula Lambert: “To accept me as I am, has been a long, tough road. Even when I used to be very slim I felt crooked somehow. At one point, I realized that I didn’t love me. Although I’ve been able to solve the why self-doubts still hit me sometimes. But meanwhile, I’m having more good days than bad. I always feel at ease when I take the time for my needs. And then, there’s no holding back!”


What would you recommend curvy women who don’t feel at ease and, maybe, are afraid of sex?

Paula Lambert: “There’s no getting around, they must learn to understand why they don’t feel at ease. Having myself an eating disorder, I would recommend a therapy which helps to find out if that’s the cause. Women who are curvy by nature must know that in Namibia people were laughing at me because of my fragile body. I’m not a real woman there, my butt is too small. It’s always a matter of perspective. Beautiful is who feels beautiful, that’s how it is.”


Are there any special positions for curvy women?

Paula Lambert: “Rider, standing, doggy style. Missionary. All positions which allow for many contacts with the private parts.”


Are you sometimes dancing through your flat in underwear?

Paula Lambert: “Of course, I do, who would not? For quite a while I had forgotten how beautiful it was to listen to loud music. I’m good at writing in underwear, by the way.”

What’s the dumbest question you’ve ever been asked?

Paula Lambert: “Are these breasts real? This question hacks me off. Yes, for god’s sake, they are! I ate lots of sandwiches for they look like this. But I hope, they won’t keep on growing.”

Translation: Danielle De Bie